Rankers' 15.0 English Special LIVE Batch by PRASHANT SIR (Pre + Mains ) (Grammar + Vocabulary + Comprehension) for ALL EXAMS Starts 08th JULY. 2024

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Prashant Solanki is one of the best teachers of English. He has cleared a lot of competitive exams including SSC CGL, CHSl, CPO, and IB ACIO. In CPO 2017 mains He got all India rank 1 and he has Worked in Delhi Police for 2 and half years.He has been teaching English in Rankers'Gurukul since February 2018. He has a very sound knowledge of English and his concepts are very easy to understand. Anyone who doesn't even know the ABC of English can learn from him and he also teaches the most advanced concepts in an easy way. Once you completes his batch dedicatedly you can easily got full marks in English in most of the exams. This English batch covers almost every exam especially any ssc exam. Join this batch today and be an officer. This batch is highly recommend by toppers. His students are already selected in various government departments  like MEA, Income tlTax Excise, ED, Railway, CSS, Delhi Police, etc

Demo Videos
Basics of English 01 (Class notes)
Syllabus & Basics of English
Strategy and Introduction of course
Root word vocabulary 01
Basics of English 01
Basics of English 02 (Class notes)
Basics of English 03(Class notes)
Basics of English 02
Basics of English 04(Class notes)
Basics of English 03
Basics of English 05 (Class notes)
Basics of English 04
Identification of subject and verb (Practice sheet )
Identification of helping verb and main verb (Practice sheet)